Chilly The Penguin

Chilly The Penguin

Event Coordinator and Mascot

Originally from Antartica, Chilly is a valued member of the Chill Towels team.  Chilly spent his early years braving the Arctic cold and learning how to be a penguin.  After school, he made his way to the United States to follow his passion for hockey.  That passion eventually led him to Las Vegas to play for a local minor league team.  While in Las Vegas, Chilly fell victim to a number of heat related medical incidents from the intense summer heat.  One day he wondered if anyone could help him, and that’s when he contact Chill Towels.  Chilly made a lasting impression and he continues to be Chill Towel’s number one fan.

As Event Coordinator, Chilly is responsible for planning and scheduling all Chill Towels events.

Ice Breakers

When I grow up I wanted to be?

A MASCOT! I guess you could say, I’m “living the dream”.

I will never be seen without?

My chill towels shirt, it’s basically the only clothing I have…I’m a penguin.

Favorite meal?

Seafood buffet, I love Las Vegas!

Unknown talent?

I can go 90-120 days without eating. It’s not fun, but I can do it!

Favorite movie(s)?

March of the Penguins…and the Happy Feet franchise when I feel like putting on my dancing shoes